Mom and Elvis Presley’s Uncle Vernon! 1960’s picture

Submitted by denny February 22nd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This amazing picture was taken in Memphis, early 60’s. This is my Mother. She had left Philly to live closer to Elvis and his music. she said she would often go by his house and ask the gatekeeper (or Uncle Vernon) if she could walk around the property. She told me she used to sit on those famous benches outside of his house and read. She said she used to go by the house after her shift at The Carousel Diner, she was a waitress there.

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  1. Allee Willis

    It doesn’t get much better than moving to Memphis to be closer to Elvis and then getting a job at the Graceland adjacent Carousel Diner. The only thing better is to be the son of the woman who did this.

  2. denny

    Thanks Allee! I tried to find old, archival pics of the diner but to no avail. She also told me that when she waited on Jerry Lee Lewis, he sat in his booth and scratched his privates every time she went over to his table.

  3. windupkitty

    Good Lord, Denny, You’re Mom is truly the coolest!!!! What an incredible sense of style she has, and she’s so elegant!!! And, of course, anyone who moves house to amicably stalk Elvis gives new meaning to the word “Authenkitschity”!!!! The bit about Jerry Lee Lewis sounds completely unsurprising…..gawd…..

  4. Suits

    its really amazing how other people treasure such picture. it has been almost 5 decades but still the picture is alive and look how happy those people in the pic are. it really touches my heart on just imagining there reaction.

  5. denny

    I want to remind the people on this thread about this pic, that the very woman who is pictured here, took me to my very first live show – Elvis Presley. Life has been unkind to my family over the years but one thing we all have that we treasure more anything is love and laughter. Did I also mention that my Mother got me started in the kitsch collecting arena! Her smile has never changed by the way…..

  6. shirlie williams

    Wow she took you to see Elvis.. This picture is timeless…Im still admiring her bag, you could get tons of stuff inthat !

  7. Suits

    your pretty much fascinated by the bag shirlie.

    this pic really is that timeless, you rarely find some pic like this. its like the best timeless & priceless pic i’ve ever seen.