Homepride Fred Flour Man

Submitted by Douglas Wood February 25th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Say “Cheerio” to Fred the Flour Man. This plastic character from the mid-sixties became the mascot for the U.K.’s Spillers Homepride Flour in 1965. (The Spillers name was removed by the early 70s and was just known as Homepride– this particular chap is one of the originals, as he’s marked, “Spillers” on the bottom.) His bowler hat twists off to reveal he’s a genuine flour container with a sifter top. Form follows function.

6 Responses to “Homepride Fred Flour Man”

  1. Douglas Wood

    A little more than a cup. Don’t know if you can see in the photo, but the plastic lid has sifter holes in it. It comes off and the flour is stored mostly inside the round head and it tapers down into the body.

  2. Douglas Wood


    You should be able to get one of these on eBay (especially the UK eBay)– when I was researching them I found a lot of them for sale online, and some were even pretty inexpensive.