Kermit the Frog coffee cup

Submitted by Noel ILL February 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

My mother gave this to me as a gift. She said she got it at a thrift shop. It’s a Kermit the Frog Muppet news reporter coffee cup. I saw a few on Ebay, but I don’t know why anyone would want to sell it!? cause I love it! The cup is glazed ceramic and on the bottom it says made in Japan by Sigma Taste Setter , not sure what year it was made.

2 Responses to “Kermit the Frog coffee cup”

  1. Allee Willis

    I wasn’t a massive Muppet fan, not that I didn’t think they were great but I was one generation removed when they hit, already into Black pop music and all things Soul and no patience for puppets. I, of course, realized the Muppet genius through the years but never collected any of them. With this said, I’m pretty sure I would’ve bought this cup as it’s such a Japanese interpretation of Kermit, just off enough from the real character.

    Love the hat he’s wearing. Is that one of those lids that sits on the cup and keeps the coffee or vodka or whatever is fermenting inside warm or is the hat part of the actual cup?

  2. Noel ILL

    That’s actually part of the cup! When I was googling I found that there is a Miss Piggy cup too! and she also has some type of hat on, but yeah it’s all part of the cup.