4 Responses to “The dogs with no eyes”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now when you say no eyes I definitely see eyes on these canines. But I seem to recall you saying in another post or maybe it was on Facebook that these dogs had no eye sockets because they were actually a lamp and the eyeballs were drilled out so light could pour through. Is this the story or am I hallucinating (always possible) in thinking I heard you talk about that someplace?

  2. shirlie williams

    lol your hallucinating, but its a very imaginative Idea,but i think that would freak Wendy out if light started to pour from their eyes!!! They just have sockets with a blob of black paint in them,its not so clear in the photo…I feel rather sentimental over them and I think I said before I always place them together so they can chat as I feel sorry for them !!!

  3. windupkitty

    one thing i hadn’t noticed initial ( i saw them on facebook) was their noses….strange little black dots…like a child’s rendering of a nose……yeah. they’re cute, but i’m not sure if the powers they possess are good…