7 Responses to “The Partridge Family Game”

  1. Allee Willis

    I not only own this Partridge family game but have it autographed by Keith Partridge himself, David Cassidy, as I do all my other Partridge family memorabilia including lunch box, notebook, LPs and waste basket. I was even commissioned to do David’s portrait on his 40th birthday!

  2. shirlie williams

    well I had a bit of a crush on David in my teens… and wanted to be Susan Dey..I dont remember ever having any Partridge Family goodies available to buy ,maybe we did not have so much in the UK.

  3. rustyamo

    sorry to tell you this – you have no idea you have fame allee – becasue i have witnessed on more the one occasion the rudness that comes from david cassidy towards his fans and the public…he is just not a nice guy – maybe its because he wasnt raised by shirley jones becasue his brothers shaun, patrick and ryan and the nicest guys out there – good luck for anyone from the public getting a david cassidy autograph

    • Allee Willis

      I didn’t say he was a nice guy, just that I had all my Partride Family/ DC stuff autographed and that we we worked together and I was friends with his wife long before she or I met him. He’s always been nice to me but I know he has a rep of being difficult.