Indian Fireworks Labels – 1960’s

Submitted by Douglas Wood March 5th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

These vintage fireworks labels are from Sivakasi, India. The marketing approaches defy description– two show young children with the dangerous, flammable projectiles, one features a mature Indian woman, and the model for the Bobby Coloured Sparklers (on the far right) is an American woman wearing the schizophrenic fashion choice of classic pearls and a mod, Pop Art dress.

One Response to “Indian Fireworks Labels – 1960’s”

  1. Allee Willis

    When I first looked at the photo my eyes drifted to the middle where I saw the Indian lady with the parachute dangling behind her. I thought oh these are pretty and on the edge of Kitsch but not quite there. Then my eyes drifted to the left and I saw the Annette Funicello look-alike with the sparkler way too close to her body only to be distracted even more to the left by the Standard Flower Bombs going off In front of the little girl wearing a rolled up draped for a skirt, framed by a slightly older Annette Funicello on the right next to the little Indian King Emperor Prince person. So it really is an extraordinary collection. Not to mention using kids to sell fireworks or women with enough hairspray to ignite a forest fire should a flame get close enough to their do.

    I love that you point out the schizophrenic fashion collision of classic pearls (Pop-It Beads I hope) over the psychedelic swirl half sleeved dress.