Here’s Johnny – Magic Moments from the Tonight show

Submitted by rustyamo March 6th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Not one of Johnny Carson’s best ideas – this album was a flop – while the intentions were good – the tonight show was a visual show – just to catch Johnny’s looks at what the guests were doing – this was great TV – not Radio or Records

If you can get Johhny’s DVD’s – thats the way to go

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  1. Mark Milligan

    Johnny of course had his own clothing line about the time this was released, so that’s my guess as to why the high-stylin’ 70’s-esque suit, also look a the sleeve with the strap thingy. I have been told that he really didn’t trust very many people, and was close to fewer than that. I don’t think he always had the best business advice. “King of the Night” (The Life of Johnny Carson) by Laurence Leamer is a great (maybe out of print?) bio on JC. After Leno’s recent shenanigans, we could all use a little of the Great Carsoni! I love this!