Nerdy Magnet Thing

Submitted by Nessa March 6th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This magnet.. thing… has big thick glasses, a strange mouth, and a hanging plaque-piece which reads “Always picked last in gym.” Considering I was, indeed, always picked last in gym, I had to have it. The paint is ridiculously messy and who knows what it’s supposed to be. A bug? A potato?

I purchased this at the very interesting Colabrese Brothers hardware/general store in Thomas, WV. It is a very kitschy store in itself. Full of completely random things for sale, all inside a vintage shop interior that has changed little since it was built… I even found old-stock 1950s cans of paint for sale on the shelf once (with colors like “eye rest green”) The best part is that though it says “hardware” on their sign, the place is now filled with crazy stuff like this instead of what they claim to sell on the outside of their shop.

3 Responses to “Nerdy Magnet Thing”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although I have no idea what this thing is I love that it’s homemade and that it’s sold in a hardware store that doesn’t really sell hardware. What this says to me is that the owners of the store use it as an excuse to make little crafts and sell them, which is probably what this is a case of seeing as this pin makes no sense at all.

    What’s the dark hole on the left side of the face? Unless that’s a little black spot in which case I would guess that this is a ladybug. Still has no connection to “being picked last”.

    Love the use of the two little screws to connect the pieces. They provide the excuse to sell this at a hardware store.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Nessa there was a place where I grew up just like that, it was full of things that would make all of our eyes spin today. An old bachelor in the midwest inherited a department store and proceeded to buy things that interested him! The eye bolts holding the two pieces together hold a secret about the creator.