African Beavers “Jungle Fever” b/w “Find My Baby” – on the RCA Victor label

Submitted by denny March 7th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m not really sure what is sitting on top of their heads but I almost fell over when I found this and am on a quest to find the actual recordings. Maybe they are this obscure award winning band, after all, it does look like they are posed around some sort of big trophy.

2 Responses to “African Beavers “Jungle Fever” b/w “Find My Baby” – on the RCA Victor label”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow oh wow! Them’s some strange head toppers, especially on the mouse-ears-hairdoed African playing the djembe or whatever that crochet covered percussion log he’s holding is.

    Love the name African Beavers, especially when ascribed to the wrong sex.

    It’s usually very upsetting when mildew hits a paper product but in this case it almost appears that the timpani – a very interesting choice for the kind of drum that would be on this record to begin with – is spraying magic dust on the boys with every beat.

    I also love that the guitar looks like a toy rather than a real instrument.

    Beyond anything though, I’m attached to the fact that beavers who perform a song called Jungle Fever are wearing tennis sweaters.