Hepcats of Venus – Beatnik Sci-Fi

Submitted by Douglas Wood March 7th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Two esoteric cultures (beatniks and Sci-Fi) collide in this January, 1962 issue of Fantastic Stories of Imagination magazine. The color illustration on the cover illustrates the story, “Hepcats of Venus” by Randall Garrett. The intro copy reads, “A Galactic Observer is supposed to be all-knowing. But even the sharpest G.O. can hardly be faulted for being puzzled by the phenomenon of a jive trio in a beatnik hangout– especially when the instruments they play on are built-in!”

4 Responses to “Hepcats of Venus – Beatnik Sci-Fi”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not a big sci-fi reader at all. People think I am because my taste in decor is so futuristic andso I get a lot of these types of books given to me. Those usually go right into the re-gifting pile. However, this book and the possibilities of “a jive trio in a beatnik hangout” in outer space is enough to get me to reconsider the genre.

    he drummer’s body split so that he becomes a drum is fantastic.

    I love that there are only two actual Beatniks watching the Sci-Fi-ers. I love that the lady Beatnik is in a strapless gown which, of course, no self-respecting female Beatnik would have ever worn. And the guy looks like he bought a Beatnik disguise at a joke shop.

    I also love the wrinkles around the crotch in the the Musician’s body suits.

  2. denny

    Doug…..this is fun for sure! i love that that these aliens are the entertainment at “Venus club”. It looks as of that one alien’s horn is actually is mouth! Like it morphed into his instrument. I love this.