Pink Panther Cookie Jar

Submitted by denny March 8th, 2010
This was taken at “The Earth House” here in Orleans. The building houses several different rooms, that carry different product. One room sells rock repro posters and that sort of thing, one room sells crystals, funky clothing etc, and one room sells autographed vinyl and new and used cd’s and is typical “mom & pop” music shop. Then it is the basement that I really love and is where I get a lot of my pics and where there isused kitsch!

2 Responses to “Pink Panther Cookie Jar”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m kind of more interested in that ceramic frog planter that’s next to the Pink Panther cookie jar. And then what’s that grenade looking thing lying next to it? I know it’s a cute cookie jar but I can only get so excited about Pink Panther anything. Now if it were the Pink Panther theme song written by Henry Mancini that would be a different matter entirely. That’s one of the best theme songs ever written because you immediately know who the character is by the sound of that thing.

    These kind of big ceramic automobile cookie jars were very big around 1982. I got a bunch of these from people in the shape of classic 1950’s American cars, a typical kind of miscalculation of my taste when, at the time, people thought that Retro was the same thing as Vintage. Which it’s SO not. Now, almost 30 years later, of course this IS vintage. But I still can only get just so excited about Pink Panther merch as there’s so much if it. (But I did love the Peter Sellers in the original movies.)