9 Responses to “Barbie drives her clock radio convertible”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not a Barbie collector and I’m not into anything retro made to look vintage but this Barbie car radio jams together so many iconic artifacts that I have to give a nod its way. And at least they chose the right vintage colors of coral and turquoise and gave the car some white walls.

    Is that a cassette player under the hood and are the parking lights in front the dials you control the radio with?

  2. MyFunCloset

    This actually came out in 1962, long before the cassette tape. The clock and alarm are set under the hood. Radio selection is the front right hub cap. Volume is the back hub cap. This is more a “big girl” radio….a $2 yard sale find.

  3. Douglas Wood

    Like Allee, I originally assumed this was pseudo-vintage, but being from 1962 makes it a MAJOR yard sale find– and getting it for $2.00 sends it into another stratosphere. I don’t know much about Barbie collectibles but my guess is this is worth a small fortune, especially considering the great condition. It’s finds like this that keep me hopeful when searching for treasure each Saturday morning.

  4. Nessa

    Are you sure it’s from 1962? The original car (Barbie’s Austin Healey) was from 1962, but I’ve never heard of a clock radio like this one except for the “reproduction”, which I own… are there manufacturer marks?

  5. MyFunCloset

    My Bad. I saw this in a collectibles book just a few days ago, dating it to 1962, but I can’t confirm it’s vintage if in fact it had a second go ’round more recently. I too am not a Barbie collector. Either way, I appreciate the car, the colors, the whole package and wanted to share.
    Hopefully, none of us will give up our Saturday adventures in search of the $2 treasure.

    • Allee Willis

      There’s nothing better than the $2 hunt! I like Sundays better than Saturdays though as the thrift shops here in LA are pretty well picked over but the flea markets are still jamming. Though I must say I find some of my best stuff on eBay and don’t pay a lot for it as I usually stumble on stuff that people have listed wrong so there’s not a lot of people bidding.