5 Responses to “2 Vinatge LP’s – “We Like Guys” and “We Like Girls” on Coral Records”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love the equal time! Although I know in those days there were a lot of switch hitters buying both LPs so as not to be discovered.

    I love that it’s the exact same same set for both sexes other than they switched walls for the bulletin board, gave the guys a table for the stereo and gave them the couch as well. Whereas the gals only got the end table attached to the couch and have to bend to the floor in order to use the stereo. Even the stack of records changed positions to try and make it look like an entirely different room.

  2. windupkitty

    ok, i love these. yep, paint the wall brown, switch sides of the room and try to convince the person siting next to you that you are, in fact, sexually interested in the opposite sex….doesn’t get much better than this! have you heard of Camp Records? I found info about them online about a year ago and i think it’s so,so cool to hear some of this stuff…a bit of musical history that should be remembered,for sure!

  3. denny

    Queer Music Heritage is an amazing site and was turned onto it a few years back. The covers, the info…..fun stuff for sure. Have had it bookmarked for a while now. My favorite “I’d Rather Fight Than Swish”!