5 Responses to “This is one of my favourite pieces, a cactus vase.”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is absolutely GORGEOUS. Everything about it is wonderful. The texture, shape and paint job are very unusual. What are the measurements and can you actually plant anything in it or is it for something like a single rose? Also, does it have a manufacturer’s mark anywhere on it?

  2. shirlie williams

    Its scrumtious, found at a jumble sale 15yrs ago, it took me ages to realise it was a cactus. Its about 7in high and quite heavy. You could put single stem flowers in either spout but they point out at odd angles.

    The mark underneath is Burleigh Ware, it was established in 1851 and is the last working Victorian Pottery in England. I collect 1930’s pottery, but this must be a 50s piece. I will try and find out more info as I think it may be a rare design.