7 Responses to “Jayne Mansfield “Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky & Me” promotional lp”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is a totally classic kitsch artifact, the Hope Diamond of LPs and one of the first I bought when I discovered kitsch or “cheese” as we called it back in the ’70s.

    The white Tchaikovsky and Shakespeares matching Jayne’s transparent white hair is really good. For me it’s not a stretch to say all three of these people are iconic artistes.

    At this point in her life Jayne’s lipstick was getting paler and paler pink, her hair white and whiter as if she was rehearsing to be a ghost.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Wow– didn’t think you could top the religious ventriloquist, but this just might be the ultimate kitsch record. I’m almost afraid to ask, but what exactly, is ON this record? Jayne singing a lyric version of the Nutcracker Suite?! Performing a monologue as Lady MacBeth?!

  3. denny

    You did it now Doug! I originally nabbed this because of the fabulous cover. I just did a little snoop and found the following information. I am on teh hunt for the actual recording now. Will keep you posted. Here you go:

    Liner notes by Jayne Mansfield:

    “When you pick up this album, many of you, I am sure will say, ‘Jayne Mansfield reading classical poetry????’ I think you will then want to turn the album over and read the back to find out what brought all of this about. That is why I decided to write a personal letter for the back ‘liner’ of the album.

    An actress must act. It is a dis-association of self from the character to be acted out. In our profession we must be able to instantly express pain, grief, happiness, elation, and other emotions — not only from the physical expression but equally important, to be able to express our emotions with our voices. This, to me, has always been the true mettle of a good actor or actress. I can think of no greater challenge than the recitation of poetry — and particularly classical poetry.

    Poetry to me is the expression of our daily lives, our history, loves, accomplishments and disappointments. I can think of no greater beauty than the reading of a Shakespeare Sonnet with a background of Tchaikovsky’s romantic and beautifully poetic music. It is like a great Broadway Musical with words and music by the Masters.

    In this album I have selected poetry which has had a profound influence on my life and career — which has given me inspiration to greater goals in life — soothed me during times if stress — and given greater meaning to the love and happiness I have known in my life.

    It is my wish and desire that you will enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed doing it.

    Jayne Mansfield.”

  4. Douglas Wood

    Hope you find the record some day in your travels. I can’t even imagine how cringeworthy it must be. And it’s especially funny, that she’s treating the classical poetry and music so seriously while simultaneously posing in the least appropriate clothing for such a lofty venture.