Original Howard Johnson Restaurant

Submitted by denny March 18th, 2010

This is here in Orleans, Cape Cod. There is actually a plaque in the foyer telling all who enter that it was once a Ho-Jo’s. It is now called the “Lost Dog Cafe” and has pretty decent food for lunch and dinner and what I love most about his building is that the original booths were left intact. Those big, round circular booths take me right back in time every time I sit in them!

2 Responses to “Original Howard Johnson Restaurant”

  1. Allee Willis

    This building does have the great original design which was based on an old railroad station in Massachusetts as Johnson wanted his joints to have the same “welcoming and warm feeling of a local community’s train station.” I appreciate that the original structure and booths survive but as soon as you say Ho-Jos I pine for the white with orange and turquoise trim building. I used to live not far from one and it always took every ounce of strength not to turn the car into the parking lot and jump in for a quick hotdog and vanilla shake.

  2. denny

    Glad you like. I too used to frequent Ho-Jo’s as a kid. I was obsessed with the waitresses actually and my favorite thing was a vanilla shake and a hot dog and fries. I used to smash french fries into (and on top of) the hot dog. Mom could never figure out that dietary craziness.