22 Responses to “MaidenForm Jack-In-The-Box Bra Ad”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was all excited that this was a bra/hamburger tie in but alas…

    Why anyone would dream of becoming a jack-in-the-box toy and having their legs all constricted like that, having to live in a scrunched up position and only let out when someone wants to play with you is beyond me.

    In general, I love these old Maidenform ads, especially the “I Dreamed That I Was …” series. They always made walking around in your underwear so glamorous.

    Who are all the little bee children around her? Are they a family dressed in theme for Halloween?

  2. MyFunCloset

    The art director kept this wholesome. Flash forward to 2000. Imagine this ad as a bachelor party and they drew in a group of guys with costumes instead.

  3. denny

    Doug, that outfit is so damn severe! Have no idea why I am so captured by it….the detail perhaps or is it that I am secretly wanting to wear it myself?

  4. denny

    I was hitting tremendous garage sales today in my maiden form bra. Doug, I hit one place filled with incredible art and asian artifacts and just tons and tons of stuff. It was an estate sale but I ended buying a wooden fish sculpture and shells for Mom.

  5. Nessa

    I just scanned a bunch of these “I dreamed” ads from a bunch of 1950s Seventeen magazines I found.. they are so funny. I will have to share.

  6. denny

    Nessa, you must share. Nothing like bra’s, panties and men’s stretchy undies to add a curious and often silly look at how we all like to be comfy under the top layer!

  7. Douglas Wood

    Denny– oooh, sounds like you had a great day of hunting. Mine wasn’t as productive although I did find one amazing item I’ll be posting soon. I’d imagine there are tons of great sales where you live.

  8. denny

    Doug…..all over the Cape starting from now til the end of the summer that is all you see most places you go, garage sales. Ernie and I would love to show you around if you ever make it out this way. We also have a 25 foot boat that we don’t know how to drive! The Cape can be great fun.

  9. Douglas Wood

    I’m so envious– I remember a trip I took to New England years ago and there were so many great sales. Thanks for the kind offer– I may take you up on it if my wife and I make it out East. Likewise, let me know if you and Ernie ever make it out to L.A. There may not be quite as many sales, but they span all four seasons because of the mild weather– I’d say I go out about 50 weekends of the year.

  10. denny

    Cool. I thought I was going to get out for a long weekend in April but i am not sure now…..finishing up a semester always keeps me busy. I would love to meet up with you and your wife. It’s funny (and so cool) how Allee’s Kitschenette brings people together. I sure met some cool peeps here.

  11. shirlie williams

    well Im coming to L.A. and the Cape when my lottery win comes in for some serious sale shopping…also Windupkitty so I can steal her Ice cream cones lol !!!!!

  12. denny

    HI Michael…..I used to own a bullet bra (no I did not wear it) and they are so fascinating. I also used to own several pairs of “spring-o-lator” shoes. Fashions of the 50’s and 60’s are the best!

  13. denny

    I wish I still had them. Earthquake casualties from back in LA. I unfortunately stored things in the pool house that was near the pool. Big mistake. They were the coolest shoes ever! Little, clear plastic ones!

  14. denny

    Hi Michael….I wish I still had them. I had some cool s*** back in the day but earthquakes and moved took so much of my cool stuff away. Makes me cringe when I think about it!