10 Responses to “Anti Monkey Butt Powder, Spotted in Rite Aid, Culver City CA”

  1. Allee Willis

    Who knew such a sophisticated products existed?! They even have this at drugstore.com. Here’s the official skinny:

    With Calamine Powder – Sweat Absorber and Friction Fighter
    Anti Monkey Butt¬Æ Powder is specially formulated to absorb sweat and minimize frictional skin discomfort. Helps to keep you dry and comfortable. Ideal for butt busting activities such as motorcycling, bicycling, horseback riding, truck driving, hiking, hockey, football, and baseball. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day. Don’t let your buns get red. Use Anti Monkey Butt ¬Æ Powder instead!

    I’m so happy to see they have a kinder, gentler formula for females.

  2. Georgia

    Ah, yes- Ijust spied this last week at Tractor Supply.

    I’m not sure what was funnier-me at Tractor Supply or that they carry Anti Monkey Butt (and in both formulas, no less.)

    I guess when you’re on a tractor all day you’ve earned the right to use Anti Monkey Butt.

          • Georgia

            Yeah, there is an online store for them but there’s something about walking in and getting hit with the smell of pesticides, tractor oil and rabbit chow that you just can’t emulate online.
            Personally, I love a good hardware store and find all sorts of bits that I use in my tinkering that have nothing to do with their meant usage. TS is like that. The last time I was inTS I was getting large metal washtubs to use to ice down drinks for a picnic we were having. I spied some metal chicken feeders and almost grabbed them for low vases or to put some appetizers in…

            • Allee Willis

              I’m with you re hardware stores. I always walk out with a bunch of parts that I have absolutely no idea what they were intended for but I use them in some kind of assemblage. It’s very dangerous for me to walk into these places. I’d go cuckoo in Tractor Supply as there’s probably tons of stuff in there I’ve never seen before.