One Response to “A Bobblehead Shriner”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love love love Shriner stuff. I still have no idea what those organizations actually do or stand for but I love anything that involves wearing uniforms and having conventions.

    I have quite a few Shriner bobble heads but none that look as deliriously tanked as this guy does. I also have quite a few Fezes. My favorite ones are jeweled though I never discriminate against a Fez of any type.

    Here’s some links to some obscure Shriners stuff on my Kitsch O’ The Day blog:

    Shriners Toiletry Kit: it

    Shriners Salt & Pepper Shaker: (There’s also a link in this post to tons of Shriner art that I made – well, that my alter ego, Bubbles the artist made.)