Barbie Potty Training Pups

Submitted by kookykitsch March 26th, 2010
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Product description from manufacturer:

“Barbie Potty Training Pups: Barbie is having a fun-filled day with her new puppies! After she feeds water to each of her 3 puppies, they “go potty” to reveal a surprise on the newspaper – it changes color to yellow and brown! Each of the puppies goes potty in a different way: the boy dog potties when you lift his leg and the girl dog squats to potty when you press her back. The third puppy just needs a squeeze on the tummy to go potty and reveal a surprise. And when Barbie feeds the puppies, they’re ready to go again! Includes 3 puppies, Barbie doll, 2 pieces of color-change newspaper, dog bed, assorted collars and toys for the pups.”
First of all, why is watching dogs do their business part of a “fun-filled” day for Barbie? Doesn’t she have better things to do – seeing as she has had so many careers (including being an astronaut)? Additionally, how are there three different ways for dogs to go “potty?” Is there something that I don’t know?

9 Responses to “Barbie Potty Training Pups”

  1. Allee Willis


    How much money do those Barbie folks need to make that someone approved squatting pets with excrement that changes color?? I wonder if they built a smell into it? What’s next, Barbie having her period (with severe cramps)?

  2. denny

    Doug! That was funny! I remember seeing a “Barbie Type” doll whose belly popped off to release a baby. I could kick myself for not buying one!

  3. shirlie williams

    I have a Barbie with a baby in her tum, and the belly pops off, she is in storage will find her. I have 80 odd Barbies but have never seen the dog pooping one, I really want it sounds like fun!