Giggles paper bag

Submitted by denny March 27th, 2010

Does anyone else remember this store? I forget where they were located and I cannot remember where I got the bag that once held purchases from the store. I recently discovered this bag and it was full of old pics.

3 Responses to “Giggles paper bag”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have no idea what Giggles was but the name is certainly fantastic. Although I must say that I was hoping the font would take on more of a giggles quality, fatter and funkier. This seems way too perfect and delicate though the star hovering over the ‘i’ is pretty square and cheesy. But I do think it’s a shame to waste that name on such a conservative font.

    Also, it’s a rather odd sized bag. Looks like a Cheez Whiz sandwich should be stuffed inside.

    What kind of store was this? And what were the photos stuffed inside of the bag?