5 Responses to “Pixie Cruet”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love that you call these things “cruets” across the pond. So fancy. For us over here in the states they’re just salt and pepper shakers or S&P’s.

    The eyebrows kill me. Very Joan Crawford/Gloria Swanson.

    Do the black-and-white polka dots on the shakers have any particular significance as per pixies? They’re already so incongruous because they’re plastic. Which, of course, makes them perfectly kitsch.

    From this angle the pixie appears to have awfully large feet…..

  2. denny

    I have often been told that I had eyebrows like Miss Crawford. Never knew how to take that one. I actually think the eyebrows look very much like Divine’s. I love this. Is the “good luck” message telling us that if we use too much salt that we will go into cardiac arrest or something?

  3. shirlie williams

    Lol the eyesbrows are very Divine in style…I just had a thought maybe the spots on the cruet (that word cruet conjours up afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches) may be on there so as to resemble toadstools ?? I know its a long shot !

    • Allee Willis

      I think you’re right about the toadstools. Still seems like they should have been made out of ceramic though but maybe they spent so much money perfecting the arch of the eyebrows that they had to drop down to plastic at the last moment.