4 Responses to “The HeeBee Jeebies lp”

  1. Allee Willis

    So supremely in bad taste! You know an artist, in this case a graphic artist, is seriously lazy when they can’t push their idea to another level and rest instead on the first one that hits their head. In this case the very obvious #2. But they did get Boy George and Prince down pat. But who is that in the middle, a wayward Bee Gee? And is he wearing a toilet paper scarf?

    My assumption would be that these are all cover tunes of songs that only made it to number two. I certainly can’t imagine any legitimate artist licensing their songs to be used in this way. So maybe these are all original recordings by the HeeBee Jeebies which means they probably just sound like a big load of shit.

  2. MeshuggaMel

    “Twenty Blockbusters that have never reached No.2 in the charts!” sounds like a Mad Magazine parody. And you can never have enough scatological humor. I have to wonder – given that this is likely a pretty low budget deal, this picture was likely taken in a public restroom as opposed to on set. It would be a very strange scene to happen upon while seeking relief!