9 Responses to “A Green Torso Lamp & Manicured Bushes…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, how lucky are we that whoever lives here isn’t afraid to express themselves!

    I love the torso lamp, especially as I can’t imagine that that’s the shade that came with it. It seems a little straight and mounted too low.

    The razor sign is insane. Is it a barbershop? Or a place that sells straight razors? Or is it just an indication of what’s going to happen to you if you get too close to try and get a better view of the torso lamp?

    The sad little curlicue bushes framing the sign are an excellent touch. I wonder if they were sculpted with a straight razor?

    As I said in Denny’s post today which also features a house with a tad of crazy (https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2010/04/03/house-with-gigantic-religious-statue-in-the-front-yard/), front yard Kitsch is about my favorite genre of Kitsch.

  2. MyFunCloset

    My Kitsch eyes were wide open today. I’m quite sure it’s a barbershop. In the past I may have focused just on the lamp but your insightful comments have broadened my appreciation for the “big picture”.

  3. denny

    Funny, I used to think it was just collecting the kitsch but Allee has now motivated me in taking my camera everywhere now. The ability to pick out community kitsch is almost as amazing and brilliant as something we would hang on our wall or display on a shelf. I’m nutty now as everywhere I go I drive my partner insane with “pull over, I have to snap that”. I live in an area where I come to find out that I surrounded by “community kitsch”. Being a part of AWMoK.com has really changed my life and my view of the world around me. Go soul sista, go! AWMOK has become like a second home to me.

  4. shirlie williams

    lol windupkitty I think we were separated at birth what with our cats and Ice creams …and I need that torso lamp as well, I thought I could see one in the background .were both going crazy !!!

  5. MyFunCloset

    Ladies, you both caught it. It’s a full size plastic woman’s leg lamp base, like the one in the Christmas movie where Ralphie wanted a BB gun for Christmas, filmed about 20 years ago. I couldn’t get a better shot of the leg lamp. Perhaps one day I’ll go in and snap it.

  6. uDigRetro

    GOT TO HAVE THAT LAMP!!! did some body make it from spare manequin parts never seen one in this lime green whats the area code Im gonna call the store.