5 Responses to “Connecticut Souvenir Hot plate”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love state souvenirs. In truth, I’m not that attached to Connecticut though. I’ve only been two very stuffy places there with big, cold stone houses and not a soul food restaurant in sight. But I had slugged back plenty of hot chocolate while I was writing songs and making demos in the dead of winter there so could have used this tile to set my drinks upon then rather than one of them tanking over into the console rendering the mixing board useless until it was disassembled and the sugary goop cleaned out.

    It’s not really fair for me to judge different cities and states because I’m always so homesick when I leave LA and all I do is dream about sunshine and palm trees.

  2. denny

    The only reason I dislike Connecticut is that when I drive to Philly, it takes forever to get thru the state! So I take plenty of sugar with me on the ride!