The first robins of many springs

Submitted by Markydoodle April 11th, 2010

Mom always had these two robins above the kitchen cupboards looking down at us along with creepy figurines of old people that I’ll get pictures of next time I’m there. She gave these to me a year or two ago to remind me that I had climbed up the cupboards and wrapped them and gave them to her for her birthday one year. In my defense, I was probably not driving yet. I’m sad that the factory didn’t see fit to paint their feet or legs. She thinks they were given to her at their wedding shower, which would’ve been right after WWII.

2 Responses to “The first robins of many springs”

  1. Allee Willis

    That’s funny about the feet.

    I pick these kinds of ceramic birds up whenever I see them and keep them all out in my yard popping out of trees and vines. The real bIrds love to sit on their heads and suck in the sun.