Submitted by monica johnson April 13th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

People who judge others are allowed to different.

This is mounted on a wooden slab. the judges are busy judging the new girl in loose her legs fell off..she is a japanese figurine on a spoon stand. the devil is a cloth figure attached to a wooden cross from my catholic stuff..the pink mask is a painted show biz face with some cocktail fans used as a headdress..the rest of the panel is made up of dolls and figurines found various places..the little girl in blue is a wrapped figure.

8 Responses to “THE BIG KNOW IT ALLS”

  1. Allee Willis

    I agree that judging people is a waste of time and energy as it covers up for some big insecurity in the one doing the judging. With this said, it’s a basic instinct. I’m immediately jealous of the hair on the pink mask.

    I love that that girl is so loose her legs fall off.

    I would love to be at a party with all these folks. By far the person I’d be most interested in talking to is the pink poodle. I love how his straw hat perches on his hairdo. No, maybe I want to talk to the eyeball.

  2. monica johnson

    i would like to talk to the girl with no legs and find out where she meets all the hot g uys..they arent here in palm springs..they are mostly golfers and look it. they are in pink bermuda shorts with big flowers, if i ever get them off someone i will send them in as kitch..or they are very hot but only like each other..
    then i guess i would talk to the devil and see what hes up to..
    and as far as jealous..i think mostly im jealous of the daughters of obama..beautiful, daughters of a world leader, well traveled, and seemingly unspoiled. i’d pick the wife but i dont like the way she dresses..

  3. johanna went

    Beautiful work Monica.
    For me, this piece as a whole transcends the personalities of some of the original found dolls. First of all, the figures on the right seem to comprise a group of strangers. I believe that each one traveled alone from a different time, place or dimension.
    The fact that they have arrived at same moment in time makes me believe that they are now a group on a pilgrimage to a shrine or have gathered for an expected event.
    Now the remaining figures represent opposing narratives. The girl with the loose legs clearly has grabbed the attention of the group. The eye or vision is being aimed her, and no one else.
    The crucified one, and the primitive masked one both appear as the kind of devotional icons that we are used to, but despite their ecclesiastic flauntings, the girl with the loose legs appears more relevant.
    The entire presentation also reminds me of a movie poster for a period film that encompasses the history of the world.
    It vaguely reminds me of those wonderful outsider art tableaus from the long gone KINGDOM OF THE DOLLS.
    That place housed the best art in Desert Hot Springs during the 80’s. I would love to talk to anyone who visited that place besides me and Monica.
    I would give anything to know what happened to the woman who created that incredible work and where are the tableaus now?

  4. monica johnson

    Johanna your interpretation is so much better and more than the piece itself. to me it was just a bunch of assholes condeming the loose girl in town and we both know who she is..
    i cant believe you never went to the Kingdom of The Dolls Allee. Ho how you of all people would have loved it,
    johanna, i hope we arent the only ones to ever got to see that wonerful place.and yes where is she? If she’s dead i hope someone had the good taste to do a tableu of the funeral..but like you said, someone probably just packed them away in some dirty old box in a garage where they are no longer proud and adored.. or worse threw them away. we are so lucky. i miss them

    • Allee Willis

      I just did a little reading on Kingdom of The Dolls. Only found one article but it had me swooning before the end of the first sentence. I didn’t really go down there in the early 80s. Only once to Two Bunch so was far out of the radius of The Kingdom. Did it just disappear one day or was there some warning? it’s insane to think that no one knows where her stuff is. What’s where The Kingdom was now?