1. Allee Willis

    Now are you saying that that cocktail shaker came in this box? I’m pretty sure the answer is no but I want to take the proper sedation in case the answer is yes.

    As far as the Barmate (love that it’s all one word) mixer/shaker thing goes, I love the illustration on the box (if, in fact, that’s what it came in) actual item.

    I always love when vintage things are still in their original plastic.

    As far as the box goes, the illustrations are gorgeous. I especially love the shading on the girl’s hair. I also love the fact that someone might mix baby formula in the same blender that they just made themselves a stiff Manhattan in ( I’m not a drinker so don’t know if Manhattan’s are actually mixed or not).

    All in all, two gorgeous pieces that I’m hoping came together.

  2. SUSAN

    The answer is indeed YES. I thought I was going to fall over when I first saw it, I was like ” what the hell…???”

    It’s all one set; I have no idea why there is a bunny-girl in the shaker; I suppose they were covering all their bases in case dad had any interest in using the shaker. I have no idea what’s in a Manhattan, but I bet baby does!

  3. SUSAN

    I just noticed on the box, it says ” HOME BARTENDER’S GUIDE TO EXPERT DRINK MIXING INCLUDED”, then, if you read the flyer inside the shaker, it reads the same, SO, there you go…BONA FIDE! MOST EXCELLENT!!