11 Responses to “Discotek”

  1. Allee Willis

    FANTASTIC! I almost had a chance to buy a The Disco Tek but the owner decided at the last minute that they couldn’t part with it. I already owned a bunch of smaller Sound Design units like the Weltron 2001 a.k.a. the “Space Helmet” with a bunch of matching ball tvs and the Aquatron VX-33 a.k.a. “The Egg” but the Disco Tek was the king of the crop with the 8-track/AM-FM/Turntable, flashing lights and the ever-turning disco ball. I still pine for one of these.

    • mgtubes

      I sold this a long time ago and still get emails on it. I finally found the bookmark to this forum so I can notify anyone else who is interested that it is gone.
      I don’t see a way to delete this post.

  2. griffin

    I have one of these and it looks just like this pic, I’d like to sell it because we just no longer have the room for it.
    The disco ball still turns, lights still work and stereo plays. I’ve never tried the record player or the 8 track but I was told they work when I bought it.
    I’m not sure what it’s worth or the best place to list it. Any suggestions?
    Email: [email protected]

  3. P918

    I just stumbled upon this, is this still available or suggestions where i can find one ? ive been looking for awhile now. I had one as a Kid …I still have the ball ..but not in the best condition.
    Thanks for any help

  4. mjl1980

    I have this same model all it needs is new speakers the originals are still in there how much is it worth ? email me at Mitchell_labare @ hotmail