The Good Vibrations 1978 I Get Around LP

Submitted by Saro April 18th, 2010

I had to include this rare discofied LP of Beach Boy songs sung by Luther Vandross, David Lasley, and Arnold McCuller. It was a studio group and distributed by Millenium Records via Casablanca Records back in 1978. I like this Lp and the harmonies are out of this world.

4 Responses to “The Good Vibrations 1978 I Get Around LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    I know the harmonies have to be insanely great if it’s Luther, David and Arnold singing but that is one cheesy cover! What on earth is this gal holding over her privates? If she’s just taken off her skirt and shoes why wouldn’t she throw them onshore?

    The halter top and Farrah-gone-wrong hair are soooooo late 70’s. Thank God the art director wasn’t the musical director.

  2. Saro

    Yeah I guess back in the disco days they would try any kind of LP cover concept to sell a record. I guess the the group name and the title of the albums says it all when you look at the woman in the water.

  3. Saro

    On a disco site this Lp was reviewed and the model of this album cover wrote on the review that she wanted the Lp. I located her on facebook and when the photo was taken she was married to Peter Criss of Kiss.