70’s Reynolds Painting

Submitted by MeshuggaMel April 26th, 2010

Another piece from my grandparents’ apartment in Florida. Circa 1973, this roughly 4′ square piece is by an artist named “Reynolds” It’s got the mod colors with a vaguely geometric pattern with thick white over the top. As a kid I always took this as a cityscape reflected on the water, but on further consideration, I have no idea. Anyone have any idea who “Reynolds” is?

2 Responses to “70’s Reynolds Painting”

  1. Allee Willis

    I, unfortunately, don’t know who Reynolds is but he sure had his technique down. SO early 70’s modern and great color palette.

    Your grandmother’s apartment in Florida is definitely the place to raid! I’ve loved every piece I’ve seen so far. I especially love this painting framed by the linoleum floor down below and Nagel popping up on top.

  2. MeshuggaMel

    The Reynolds is definitely a period piece! As good as it looks with the linoleum and the nubile Nagel, it was blocking the stairs so it was only in this location for the “photo shoot”