Local Bowling Alley, Cape Cod

Submitted by denny April 26th, 2010

.I have never been inside of this place. I absolutely love the lettering here on “Bowling”.

2 Responses to “Local Bowling Alley, Cape Cod”

  1. Allee Willis

    A little too clean cut for me for a bowling alley. I need some neon signage, a big fat bowling pin and funkier architecture. BUT with this said, I do like the attempt at 1930’s “Bowling” lettering. I just wish something else matched that mentality.

    The main sign that’s stuck into the lawn looks more like it’s for a barbershop or some quaint little eatery. And what’s with the shape of the bowling pins on it?

    The big question is have you been inside and what does that look like? If it matches the lettering and the roofline more than the lawn sign it has excellent possibilities.