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Danger Stranger

Submitted by shirlie williams April 27th, 2010
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My daughter Wendy painted this at school quite a few years ago when she was about 7..its called Danger Stranger and the idea was to portray a person you should not go off with /get in a car with. I like the suggestion of ‘evil’ in the black arrow eye make up..

5 Responses to “Danger Stranger”

  1. denny

    Your lucky you posted this. When I first saw this in the background of a pic Shirlie sent me. I informed her that I would report her to Allee if she didn’t bring it here! It worked! I love this. Don’t make me tell Allee that you have other fabulous wall hangings! Oops, did I say that?

  2. wendy

    Ah, yes! The ‘Danger Stranger’! I remember it well. I would have been about 7 or 8, as Mum said. We had a school project to paint a picture of a person who looked approachable but was in fact a ‘danger stranger’ – the message being don’t talk to, or trust, stranger’s! I have a memory at the time that the cheeks were very important. The colouring was to reflect blusher, something which I think at 8 years old I probably thought was very glamorous, and grown up, so I the only reasonable thing to do was to add lots!!! I am not sure why I decided on the arrows for eyeliner, but it seems to have worked! I also thought it was important to do a woman, as I wanted to be slightly different to the rest of the class who all drew men. Anyway, just a short bit of history for you all on my picture. Who would have thought it would take place in the kitschenette some 20 years later!

  3. shirlie williams

    As I moved house they are in the loft which is jammed packed with goodies..I need a week to go through it….