5 Responses to “this cheese is waxy”

  1. Allee Willis

    Totally lifelike cheese interpretation. Love the turtle topped knife. What kind of design is on the round mosaic center?

    At first glance I thought the little mice were popcorn and that this was a very unique way to combine the snack foods.

    I agree that this would make an excellent mouse condominium in the future.

    • john switzer

      the mosaic is a total greek key kinda thang.I have found my reading glasses and it turns out that there are cats and mice in the cheese.though at constant war, they appear autonomous and pose no immediate threat. I need to reshoot them all.For historical purposes..the museum might be the magna carta of hip stuff in the future.
      I think will shoot them seperately??

  2. denny

    About time! This is fabulous John! I didn’t know you weren’t posting on here til now. I would have given you a “kitsch citation” had I known! Keep posting or I will report you to Allee. I know you have MUCH MORE around (you told me)…get that camera snapping! Kitsch is in the air! Look forward to more of your posts! If you are buying kitsch out and about, do what a little birdie told me, take pictures of the whole process!