Aeolian Vocalin with records

Submitted by denny May 1st, 2010

I just bought this much to the dismay of my partner. Well not really. Things are tight but I have always wanted one of these! I’m a very happy guy right now. Here is some info:

Upright Aeolin Vocalin from Beverley Music Shop in Mass., doors fold down to expose record storage and speaker. Top right opens above speaker to to play records, includes crank.


8 Leather binders full of old 78’s in excellent condition.

4 Responses to “Aeolian Vocalin with records”

  1. Allee Willis

    I collect more modern record players, 1950 at the earliest, but I think they’re all wonderful regardless of their age. Music is the great communicator and its importance in popular culture in the 20th century spawned all kinds of players. I’m a big blond wood fan and 33 1/3 and 45’s only.

    I love that it’s called a ‘Vocalin’. Does it still work? Have you played any of the 78s?

  2. denny

    I would give anything for a a good 50’s record player! I am plotting though, and plotting, and plotting and….

    Here is Mari’s website which I am sure you have seen? I love the record player that pops up on her site.

  3. denny

    It works but although this belongs to me now, I haven’t picked it up yet. I pick it up this month. I bought this from my sisters friend and the sound comes out of the front, right hand side.