Hall USA Ceramic Planter (found at the “dump store”)

Submitted by denny May 1st, 2010

I found this at the “dump store” in Harwich, MA. I haven’t yet cleaned it up and I spotted this across the parking lot and ran to nab it. It’s about 8 inches long and 6 inches high.

3 Responses to “Hall USA Ceramic Planter (found at the “dump store”)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t understand the distinction this dump store makes between what is resold and what hits the “dump”. Hall is a huge and collectible name in vintage ceramic and the detail in this is gorgeous. Great Deco lines and nothing really wrong with it other than the few little brown spots that I have a feeling won’t come out as well as one spot around the rim where it looks like the glaze glopped. But I would’ve snapped this up in a second if I were there. Excellent freebie!

  2. denny

    Every now and then you will see an item or two they think they can get cash for (where that money goes to, I don’t know) and those things usually sit behind the counter. I have never seen anything worth buying there, all the good stuff ends up on tables and on the inside for free. Not sure of the history of how it all started but I think it’s all part of kitsch helping the world go green? Seriously though, it can be insane and people cruise the dump store area like rabid animals, all but foaming at the mouth. It’s amazing to be shopping and to see the “dumpers” dropping stuff off to be given away. It still flips me out and I haven’t explored other dumps although they are everywhere. It’s strange, just standing there, waiting and watching while people drop their unwanted kitsch off to be given away to others, who in turn, will continue loving these items as the original owners once did.

  3. denny

    Just spoke to my Father in-law and he tells me that “dump stores” were started as a way to deter people from actually digging through mountains of dumped trash, which in turn, was proving to be a liability as people were getting hurt while diving for kitsch.