Tropicana Orange Juice Radio

Submitted by Douglas Wood May 1st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Battery acid meets Citric Acid in this Tropicana Orange Juice radio I found yesterday at a Rummage Sale in Pacific Palisades (for a quarter.) And it actually works! It has an AM/FM switch and a station dial, and the straw is an antenna.

Here’s what it looks like from the back…

9 Responses to “Tropicana Orange Juice Radio”

  1. Allee Willis

    Lewdly fantastic looking and definitely appears to be the real thing and not some cheap repro. The antenna is killing me. Incredible that it still works between the battery acid in the citric acid! And for a quarter no less. Where are these rummages sales you’re hitting?

  2. Douglas Wood

    This rummage sale was in Pacific Palisades (I know, not a place you normally associate with rummage sales), but the other recent finds came from rummage sales in the west valley. Have to say they’re very hit or miss– I feel lucky if can leave with one item. But the prices are always really cheap and it’s not a bad place to find books or sometimes vintage toys.

    • shelhen52

      Doug is there any way that you would sell this tropicana radio – I had one & left it in top of my car and drove off! Does yours work?

      • Douglas Wood

        Yes, it works, although, because I live in a canyon the reception isn’t great. I’m hoping it’ll sound better when someone plays it in another location.

        My wife has an eBay business and will be listing this as of this Saturday. You can do a search for “Tropicana radio” or just Search under her seller name, “Chotchke.”

        • Douglas Wood

          My wife just did a search on eBay and there are lots of these currently up for sale so she probably won’t list it after all. You should be able to get one pretty easily at a decent price.

  3. MyFunCloset

    Nice find! Love those rummage sales. Went to one this morning. I was sixth in line. When the doors opened, the first 5 went left, so I went right. Immediately found a 1961 model kit airplane, WWII style made of balsa wood. We have a friend who loves putting these planes together.

  4. tinkodaat

    no doubt this is the real thing. I own one, and you had to send proofs of purchase from oj cartons to get one. Very very cool. what I’m going to do with it is open to question since I’m trying to downsize my big house to a smaller cottage LOL