16 Responses to “Bob Williams and Lynda Standell “Live In New Orleans””

  1. Allee Willis

    Even more than their outfits and matching white shoes I love Bob’s bowl-cut-but-not-quite swept hairdo. I’m glad he chose that shirt to wear because the mass of black at the top really sets off his follicular chest and head activity well.

    Both Bob and Linda’s black and white patterns match the moldy walls they’re leaning on.

    The more I look at this the more peculiar Bob’s pose looks to me.

  2. denny

    Yes, I want to know what he is doing with that other hand? I love to know what that little design is on her dress.

  3. Lynda Standell

    Thank you Denny, for entering our album cover in the Museum of Kitsch. How fun is that! In response to comments received; The little design on my dress is an anchor. The album cover picture was taken on the Mississippi River levy in front of Louisiana riverboats. The word “live” was printed in quotes because the album was recorded before a live audience at the Chateau LeMoyne Hotel in New Orleans. The year was 1972. And as to where Bob’s hand was during the photo shoot, I‚Äôm not saying.

  4. Allee Willis

    I’m dying reading this!! So GREAT to hear from you, Lynda! We cherish your album cover and to learn these little inside facts is THRILLING. None of us have actually heard the LP but I’ve been trying to track it down since Denny posted it.

    Are you and Bob still in contact? Are you still singing? Did you make other albums? Do you have any more photos from that shoot or from your performing days in the 70s?

  5. denny

    Lynda…your go-go boots just kill me and I am a big fan of them! I swear if I was old enough in 1972 (I’m 44) I would have been wearing go-go boots too! lol I’m also dying to hear your album. Is that a “shag hair style”? Would love to see more pics. We are full of questions here aren’t we? Your sense of style here is flippin’ and I love the mini dress. I live in Cape Cod so anchors and anything nautical is something I still see all the time! Thanks for stopping by awmok.com and I hope we will hear from you again. I am so excited you got in touch here! Made my morning!

  6. denny

    Hey Lynda,

    I was wondering……

    We would like to do a special post on you and your music and of course the album we came across. We were wondering if you would be interested on doing an ichat or some sort of video post. We are so curious about your career as a performer in one of the coolest towns around. We would also like to get pictures of you in the fashions from the 70’s and your thoughts and comments on the fashions that you so lovingly wore back then. The fashion, the music, the hair, the times, all of it is what drove us towards loving everything about your “Live” album. Is there any way that Allee and I can hear this “Live” album? Lynda, you really made our day here at AWMoK.com

  7. Lynda Standell

    Thank you Denny and Allee for your kind questions and interest in our career. Bob Williams and I were married six months prior to our New Orleans engagement and are still married today. I’ll tell you more when I gather a few old photos for you. (I can’t believe the clothes we wore in the 70’s.)

  8. denny

    This is glorious news! Just for the record Lynda, I have been going through my old pics as well. The fashions, the hair…..just kills me. I love all of it. Be in touch with us. Lynda…..here is my email: [email protected], if you want to forward as many pics as you can or want to, I will MAKE SURE Allee get’s them. A commentary on each picture would be fab too!

  9. denny

    It’s pretty overwhelming when we get the chance to meet the actual folks behind the stories. Lynda and Bob have been wonderful about all of this! Thank you Bob & Lynda!