7 Responses to “Airline Fashions from the 60’s (a collage)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Airline fashions were so incredible in the 1960s. So were the airlines. And everyone dressed up to fly. No one was dressed as well as the stewardesses though.

    Pink and orange is one of the best color combos EVER!

  2. denny

    I think I was a stewardess in a past life. I definitely would have had much fun dressing up like I was going to a go-go somewhere.

  3. MyFunCloset

    This must have been an amazing time to be a stewardess. The 60’s was the beginning of women having careers other than teachers, nurses and secretaries. In the early 70’s, I was living in a hi-rise apt. building in NYC filled with stewardesses from every airline. Oh the stories they would tell.

  4. Derybur

    Great photo! It seems orange was pretty big back then! I have been using a blanket (for lack of a better term right now) as a back drop for current photo’s from the same time period. haha. It reminds me of the Flower Power flowers… which were all painted bright cheerie colors.

  5. denny

    It is only after viewing ads like this, that I became a fan of the magic that the color of “orange” possesses. Orange isn’t a color, it’s more like a statement. I suppose I was never the biggest fan because I tried to wear orange and it doesn’t go with my skin color, it made me look jaundiced.
    C’est la vie.

  6. denny

    Is there still hope for me in being able to wear orange at some point? I love your shade of lipstick. While i won’t be wearing Mac Morange, I’ll go slow and pick up an orange shirt or something. Oh and the food you were sampling just made me nuts. I’d be in heaven for sure.