Boy George “Live My Life” – written by Allee Willis (pics and available versions of the song)

Submitted by denny May 5th, 2010

This is the cover for the import 12 inch and 7 inch. The 12 Inch came in a regular sleeve and another version came in a “poster bag”.

This cover was for the US promo cd single.

This is the cover for the US 12 inch release which was a generic sleeve and put out by Virgin Records.

The versions available of “Live My Life” are as follows: Big Drum Mix, 7 inch version, 12 inch Klub Remix, 12 Inch Soul Remix, Business Mix With MC Cyndee, Klub Dub, Klub Mix, Percapella, Quake Dub, Soul Remix & one version simply titled “The Mix”.

10 Responses to “Boy George “Live My Life” – written by Allee Willis (pics and available versions of the song)”

  1. Allee Willis

    This was a pretty good record but George had already started going a little cuckoo and had alienated a lot of the promo people who were needed to push this into being a hit. Too bad. it was a huge record in the clubs.

    I’ve literally never heard ANY of the remixes

  2. denny

    Pretty good? I don’t think so. It was an amazing record and I can remember where I was when it came out. I was working at “Listening Booth” records and tapes. This song was an amazing club track in Philly. It was when clubbing was fun and the music inspiring. This was another one of those records I carried around with me. We all did that, we’d all get together and each carry our own records to play at whoever’s house we would gather at. Little did I know that I would one day meet the woman partially responsible for some really cool memories. Thanks Allee.

  3. Derybur

    I have to agree with Denny! Very Cool! Thanks so much for being part of everyones memories! I loved Boy George!

  4. denny

    “the roof is leaking, stack of bills on my bed, no room to wake up…all the dreams in my head….phone don’t ring got no man on the line, things could be better but I still feel fine…..satisfaction can be hard to find, I go crazy keeping it all inside”……
    ( I hope I got those lines correct!!)


  5. denny

    Good! Wait til you hear MC Cyndee singing rap on the “business mix”. As long as I’m around, I will most likely not let you forget how much fabulousness you have written. You tweaked my life with more than this one song, I just never realized it before! I started a project here. I go through your discography when I can and obtain what you’ve written. It gives me something to do. Carol Douglas and The Brecker Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Rosie, Sheen Easton, Nona, I mean really…..I will never let you forget.

    • Allee Willis

      Trust me, I don’t want to forget! I was always more fanatical about keeping all of the papers and tapes that it took to write a song than I was about buying the actual record. That’s right, BUYING. You can’t believe how often songwriters wouldn’t receive promo copies and instead have to pay as much for their own songs as anyone who had nothing to do with it. I was in rebellion a lot of the time and though I usually had one copy I didn’t have any of the remixes or other formats the song may have come out in. When I first went on eBay in 1998 that was the first thing that got me all excited, that I could start tracking down my own music. I even found an 8-track copy of my one and only album, Allee Willis, Childstar, when I had absolutely no idea it’d ever come out on 8-track.

  6. denny

    Getting to know you has turned me onto artists that I haven’t heard of or wouldn’t normally listen to. Childstar on 8 track? Wow, is that posted here?