1960 Model “X” Geographic

Submitted by cm squared May 7th, 2010
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Mito and I went to the LA Modernism show last weekend, and this was sitting outside the entrance. Its the only one that was made and the only one that exists. The entire shell is made from fiberglass, and done as a single casting and mold. It was made by the Harry and David. The owner still has all the original manuals for the appliances and the original paperwork for every detail of the trailer. For more info check out www.1960prototype.com – It is for sale!

6 Responses to “1960 Model “X” Geographic”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is only the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

    I’m reaching for the Valium now because I can’t deal with the fact that I want this SO BADLY and could probably only afford one of the tires. I looked at the link you provided but couldn’t see a price anywhere. I know it’s totally unaffordable but I would just be curious as to what they’re selling it for. It would make an outrageous office sitting in my driveway despite there being no room for it because the Studebaker’s up on blocks and sometimes the De Soto keeps it company.

    I can’t believe someone didn’t snap it up at the LA Modernism show last week, especially knowing that it was built by THE Harry and David. I don’t go to that show despite the fact that I know it’s filled with gorgeous stuff because the prices are so outrageous. I’m assuming many people that go could afford something like this. You would have to be a lunatic to have ever been interested in a mobile home/trailer and pass this up. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything as much as I want this!!

  2. Lisa Rios

    What a crack up! I read this post, green with envy, then I read Allee’s posts below. YES!! This is every shade of awesome! I soooo want this. I then went to the web page and read where in 1995 it sold for a few hundred dollars, then 1999 where it sold for $1500 and I swear I started having heart palpitations. I can’t take it. I gotta go lay down.

  3. cm squared

    It was truly beautiful. A piece of American history. Being inside was awesome, Im still sick that I don’t have 135k to drop on the worlds coolest trailer! So glad there are others who appreciate the amazingness! My kinda people :)