7 Responses to “Bing Crosby Ice Cream – “The Cream of the Stars””

    • Allee Willis

      In all my years of living with this carton it never once dawned on me that there was no flavor listed. I think because I always thought of Bing Crosby as being so vanilla I never questioned that it would be any other flavor but that. I wish that there were a year on these things so we would know if the vanilla or the mystery flavor were manufactured first.

      I completely blanked on the fact that we already had your carton of Bing in the museum, Douglas. One day we should have a Bing pretend ice cream eating festival.

    • Planet Joan

      I didn’t notice the mystery flavor on my carton either! Hey, did you aquire your vanilla Bing Ice Cream Box in California? Was it at a Thrift Store?

  1. Douglas Wood

    Ha ha. It somehow makes perfect sense that most of Bing’s ice cream has no flavor and that one little carton has vanilla. I’m sure Pat Boone’s ice cream is the same. But you KNOW Aretha’s ice cream would come in more than 31 flavors.