Fun, wild, crazy pattern, denim & rhinestones…

Submitted by MyFunCloset May 8th, 2010

A visit to an upscale resale shop run by the American Cancer Society yesterday begged me to return with a camera. I knew right where to go. This graphic cup pattern, silk jacket had the most personality with a $12 price tag.

Next is this pair of blue denim, applique and rhinestone low heel shoes. The contrasting mix of materials says “take my picture please”.

2 Responses to “Fun, wild, crazy pattern, denim & rhinestones…”

  1. Allee Willis

    The jacket is too new for me to truly appreciate BUT THE SHOES ARE KILLING ME!! If you make a new post for the shoes only I’ll slap a CertifiKitsch Of AuthenKitschity on them so fast! I can’t give a COA to this whole submission as the jacket is the first photo and though it might be kitsch one day these newer kind of fabric graphics don’t sit well with me and I’m so particular about what I award COA’s to as I want my definition of kitsch, which is different from other more classic definitions of kitsch, to be immediately discernible to someone who might be new to the museum. So shoes alone please as they’re honestly GEMS OF KITSCH.

    And is so much for carrying your camera with you and snapping these. I love nothing more than someone here telling me that they’re now carrying a camera and seeing things in a new way. I was most appreciative when you said that.

  2. denny

    I’m flippin’ over these shoes too. What’s the clump on the foot, supposed to look like a flower. Great post!