15 Responses to “Alice Williams Sings With Mom & Dad – Inspirational LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, if this isn’t a wet dream in polyester I don’t know what is. If Niagara Falls poured down on this family right now every drop would roll right off.

    I love that Alice is framed by dad’s one white shoe and mom’s little one white shoe shyly poking out.

    What’s happening around Alice’s waist?

    • windupkitty

      hahahah!!! the water beading up and rolling off!!! yeah, these guys definitely win Most Flammable! Man, polyester just melts onto the skin…not good…but they are definitely best dressed family ever!!! pops gets top props…i’d dress exactly like him, if i could….

  2. denny

    I just love these dresses and Alice thought she would accent her skirt with a shirt that has a long flowing, confusing piece of material hanging down.

  3. awilliams

    Hello, Allee !! My Son-in-law told me about your site. What fun is this !!
    That album was recorded in the 70’s with my Mom and Dad (who are now both deceased). Lord, I wish I still had those clothes. I would send them to you. LOL Your site looks like such fun. I will have to spend some time there. My Dad was a minister and we sang as a family in churches. I am married to a minister in Texas and still sing !!
    Denny: I am thrilled that polyester is not the material of choice these days. Couldn’t you just tell that the long “flowing piece of material” was a belt ??? Can you believe we wore that stuff?
    Anyway, thanks for putting me on your site. I am honored !!
    Alice Williams

    • Allee Willis

      Alice, I am so excited to hear from you I can’t even breathe! You have no idea how many years I have been salivating over your album cover and I am thrilled beyond belief that it led into being in contact with you. I’ve talked about that album cover for so long and was elated when Denny submitted it here and on my Facebook page. Do you have any other photos from around that time with you and your mom and dad in those kind of outfits? I would love to do a longer piece on you in my blog (https://www.alleewillis.com/blog/).

      • awilliams

        First to Denny: Those ARE watermelon slices !! You’re good !! Where in the world did you get the album cover ??
        Allee, my son-in-law will help me get some more photos. Thanks to him and my daughter, I am learning computer things. They just last week-end talked me into buying a MacBook. You’ll love this: they have one photo of me playing an accordian and singing years ago. I am an Assemblies of God Pastor’s daughter and now pastor’s wife and years ago all of the preacher’s wives played the accordian !!! Back “in the day”, we all thought it was the thing to do !!!
        Especially in the south !!

        • Allee Willis

          I only have the cover to the LP and not the actual record. I bought it in the late 70s or early 80s. It’s in pretty bad shape because I carted it around through from apartment to apartment and then my house. It lived up on my wall in my recording studio for many years because your outfits were so inspiring.

          Congrats on buying a MacBook. Is this your first computer? Macs make life much more fun.

          I cannot wait to see the photo of you playing the accordion and singing. Please email or have Ken email it to me at [email protected]. And if you have photos of any of your great hairstyles back in the day please send those to me too. I was just as impressed with the family’s hairstyles as I was with the cornucopia of polyester.

        • Allee Willis

          Alice, forgot to ask if by any chance you have any other photos that were taken at the same photo session as the LP? I’d kill to get a good shot of your father’s tie. and I suspect that you’re all wearing superb shoes.

          And did you record any other albums?

          • awilliams

            I had a Dell with a “mouse”, so I’m trying to adjust to this new Mac. I think I will love it after I figure it all out.
            I don’t have any other photos from the photo session, but I did a couple of other albums that I will be glad to give you for your collection. Just send me a mailing address and I will mail them to you !! Have fun with this. It just sounds like fun collecting stuff like this.

            • Allee Willis

              Fantastic! I’ll e-mail you an address. Totally pumped to receive them.

              Was what you wore on the album cover typical of how you all dressed or were those outfits very different from your normal wardrobe and just worn for the album cover? If you have any other photos at all of you in any similar clothing or big hairstyles I’d love to see those. You can e-mail them to me or you can also enter them in a post just like Denny entered your LP here.

              Do you collect anything?

  4. denny

    Alice! Welcome to awmok.com and the kitshenette. We appreciate all fads and fashions here and I don’t think any of us got out unscathed from it all. I am 44 but my Mom and Aunts wore some of the most incredible fashions. It is amazing that we can look back and laugh at this stuff. I have many family pics posted here and the laughs don’t stop here. When I was a young kid, I got stuck with silk shirts with pictures of boats on them and corduroy pants that were too short. Again, welcome to awmok.com. and please, come back again, and again and again…..I am honored to meet the woman behind this fabulous ensemble. What is the print on your dress? Are they watermelon slices?

  5. snappyp

    These are really really stellar. When I worked for the newspaper in Odessa Texas in 1976, there was a guy named Lois who wore that exact suit. He wore it at least twice a week.

    • Allee Willis

      I wish you had a photo of Lois. I know I would like any man named Lois, especially if he were wearing that suit or anything even remotely like it. That was the absolute perfect pattern for polyester.

  6. denny

    Yes Alice, send those pics. I was PC for years and then went MAC and I absolutely love it. I find MAC much easier to use now and can’t imagine going back. The outfits from the 60’s and 70’s were indeed supreme in all the polyester glory. I’m still dying over the watermelon print dress and you know, we just can’t stop there! We look forward to seeing more pics and am dying at the thought of a giant group pic of all the wives playing their accordion. I’m also dying to know what outfits were worn for that pic! Stay in touch with us.

  7. denny

    I forgot to ask, what kind of cars did you all drive? How did you achieve that fantastic wave in your hair here?