Mother and Daughters (a vintage 60’s pic)

Submitted by denny May 9th, 2010

This is my Mom on the left and my Aunt Loretta on the right. My Grandmother who is now 97 is in the middle. They are not twins and I have no idea why they are wearing matching outfits.

3 Responses to “Mother and Daughters (a vintage 60’s pic)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Everything about this photo is wonderful. Not only your mom and your aunt in their matching pedal pusher outfits with your grandmother’s belt being the horizontal stripe in the middle that ties the visual even more together or the fact that your grandmother just looks like their slightly older sister but I am gasping from the wallpaper!

  2. denny

    My Grandmother always had kitsch in her home, always! In fact, much of it has popped up here. My Mother reminds me of Bette Page in this pic.