Vintage Hair Salon Business Card

Submitted by denny May 10th, 2010

As mentioned before, my Mother in-law saved everything and if i am guessing correctly, this card is from the 50’s, maybe the 60’s. I was just dying over the hair salon manager’s name, “Jay Justine”. What the hell? What type of supervision does one need when creating permanent waves? Doesn’t the phone extension numbers give a hint to the era? This is a keeper

3 Responses to “Vintage Hair Salon Business Card”

  1. Allee Willis

    You’re right as to the guess of the decade. Card looks more 1960’s but permanents were going out the window by that time so perhaps it’s late 50’s.

    Jay Justine is a perfect name for permanent waves to be under the supervision of.

  2. Zeppy

    And Tuckahoe was the town Maude and Walter Finley lived in (from the show ‘Maude’). Very, very Kitsch show by the way. And why does “Tuck-a-hoe” sound so provocative? Love it!