“Boogie Wonderland” Kitsch versions

Submitted by Allee Willis May 13th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

“Boogie Wonderland” – Earth, Wind & Fire with The Emotions
(written by Jon Lind and Allee Willis)

From: PLADYs – “Here’s a rare treat for Pink Lady fans! Mie and Kei, performing Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Boogie Wonderland” from the debut episode of Pink Lady & Jeff, a short-lived comedy-variety show from early 1980 that the girls shared with then (and now) little known comedian Jeff Altman.”
[Allee: Absolute classic kitsch wow.]

A couple of weeks ago I featured the world’s happiest gal dancing to my song “Neutron Dance”. Now, the Krown Princess of Kitsch Khoreography turns her attention to the sweeping horns and strings and theatrical chorus melody of another one of my most danced-to songs. Black leather against backlit drapes encourages an even more dramatic performance, made exceptionally special by how the dancer’s mouth moves aggressively though rarely quite mouthing the words. Other favorite aspects of the performance are the freeze poses and excellent recovery from a stumble in the first chorus. The moves in the instrumental are especially impressive. Kudos from the author to this Neutron Dancer in Boogie Wonderland!

[Allee: Love the dancing but the adjusted melodies and lyrics score just as high on the cheese meter.]

From: Kappadawg – Stanley Holloway Arrangement of Boogie Wonderland
[Allee: Major points for an organ only version.]

From: Justinrocks9 – “Charisma 2007 Competition Show at Bishop Luers High School. Solo – Joe Weingartner. Solo – Tara Deal. Dance duet – Michelle DeCamp and Ryan Dawson.”

From: usagigurl – “this is one of my favourite songs. it is also found on the new animation of HAPPY FEET!. it is titled “Boogie Wonderlad” please enjoy this sailor moon manipulated AMV”
[Allee: This is a cheese masterpiece. Straightened out beats, vocals, drum sound… what’s not to like? Noteworthy especially for the spelling of the title, “Boogie wounderland”]

The EPK video for Cardinal productions “Boogie Wonderland”