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“September” Kitsch versions

Submitted by Allee Willis May 13th, 2010
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“September” – Earth, Wind & Fire
(written by Maurice White, Al McKay and Allee Willis)

From: shemigsam – “sandugo xmas party dec.18,’07
(Clothing and dancing aside, listen to the singer.)

From: AMPLEP – September, by Baldwin Jr High show choir.

From: johnderrrrr – “The Freshman Present September by Earth Wind and Fire at Glenbrook south’s Variety Show: Freeze Frame”

From: socrgrl91- “dancing…”

From: atube47 – “Graig dancing to September by Earth Wind and Fire”

From: Amir07Ghasemi – “This was modeled after the following video by I think we did a pretty solid job recreating what they did with the resources we have. We recorded this for a video project at Normal Community West High School in Normal, Illinois. Extra Note: Youtube partially mis-aligns the music with the dancing, so it doesn’t run together perfectly, but thats not a big deal.”

From: pinaysaxplayer – “karaoke at joannas. i, joanna, claire. september-…”

From: ontaifamily – “What happens when you leave us alone with a video camera, ITunes, and a video editor…… ”

From: moosecream2 – “Debate camp seems unreal…if you can dance ”

From: peterkickit – September, choreographed by Jo Thompson, 32 count, 4 wall, intermediate, west coast swing line dance

[Allee: Hi cheese points for talking through the dance steps but never doing it to the music.]

From: Anilsaro – Line Dance September Choreographed Unknown, Music: Earth,Wind & Fire

From: timeafter – SLIIDE!! SLIIDE!!! I just had fun saying that. At a family party.

[Allee: love this!]

From: jhannio – Dance dedicated to the 70’s song of the month September. Miami Prayer Group dance

From: gelfar89 – Unconditional Funk covering Earth Wind and Fire’s September.

From: JAnthony37 – Central Islip High School Show Choir

From: sayWHAAAT – Freedom Middle Show Choir “September” Canton, GA. Festival Disney National Competition. May 2007; Best Overall Specialty Chorus. Song: September” Director: Mary Ellen Johnson – FMS Canton, GA

[Allee: A big wow on melodies, dance moves and straightened out rhythms and cherry harmonies]

From: pmbjngls