Sea-shell Stocking Dryer

Submitted by Lisa Rios May 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Just what every girl needs! A plastic shell to dry her nylons on. It’s a SafTdri Sea-shell Stocking Dryer, creation of Donaco Plastics!

In it’s original box:

With original documentation:

Can you see the tiny 1949 copyright? I didn’t think so. That’s why I mention it.

Unfortunately I don’t have the matching towel rack:

If only I had that, my life would be complete.

Here it is hanging up in my kitchen:

Can you see where my boyfriend cheated; painting around the nail I normally hang a photo on? Boy, I sure can.

Another fabulous gift from the always kitchy Miss Pamela.

5 Responses to “Sea-shell Stocking Dryer”

  1. Allee Willis

    One thing that Pamela DesBarres is very used to after hearing it for 20 years is the sound of me groaning and shooting her a look when I see some astounding gift that I would have killed to have been the recipient of that goes to another person. This would be one of those occasions! Pamela is honestly the greatest gift giver in the world with an eye for the obscure combined with style and convenience.

    This is an amazing item. I still don’t get how it dries nylons and lingerie though. Do you just throw them into the shell where they sit there stewing in their own soup until it evaporates? Is there a clip somewhere that holds them there that is hidden from view because of your boyfriend’s painting skills? The less in sense this product makes, of course, the more value I put upon it.

    I must also say that your documentation of the product is completely excellent and I hope to see a lot more of the contents of your drawers and walls in this social museum.

    I need sedation just looking at the box.

  2. Lisa Rios

    If you look at the illustration in the first documentation you can see that the nylons slip in between the, ummmmm, bumps of the shell. The reinforced toes keep the nylons in place.

    Even the cards I’ve received from Pamela are killer! Old, with fantastic graphics. She’s a real gem.

    • Allee Willis

      Wow, I would break those “toes” the first time I went to use this.

      And, yes, Pamela’s cards, which she still religiously hands out on proper occasions, are ultra-killer.

  3. Douglas Wood

    If I’m following this correctly, the product is essentially a decorative clip, from which to hang stockings. The fact that it’s marketed as a “dryer” and accompanied by the official copyrighted phrase, “Saf-T-dri” is hilarious– as if safety ever enters into the equation when drying one’s stockings.