5 Responses to “BIG sandwich – Hey, Will, wanna snack? Extra mayo..”

  1. Allee Willis

    There’s not quite enough packed in there!

    I’m very impressed with the hot dog layer. I also love the layer with melted cheese and lettuce. That combo, well Cheeze Whiz actually, on Wonder Bread with a hit of mayo was my favorite combo growing up though it had to be all iceberg, not the fancy kind of lettuce creeping in here.

    I’m shocked I don’t see a layer of peanut butter.

  2. john switzer

    ahh I could right an homage to the much maligned iceberg lettuce.the cold crunchy mouth feel,like a small sip of crunchy water between bites.

    once, I got too much Cheez Whiz in my mouth at once,
    and I could neither breathe ,swallow,or cry for help.Yikes.

    Sandwiches usually come in courses at mi casa. that was probably the gentile samich course. the giveaway being all that mayo. THENI would expect the Muffelettas to follow, as big as throw pillows[italian deli trainwreck] and then,logically,peanut butter nutella mashmallow and mooooooon pie sandwiches, with halvah cremola..on sliced applecakebread;
    I am sure, were to follow.

    ahh La Langue du Samich……..sigh JS

  3. Lisa Rios

    I wonder if the 2nd to the bottom layer is either Spam or Deviled Ham. Each kitschy unto themselves. I agree, the hot dog is a nice touch.

  4. john switzer

    it could be Taylor Ham a Jersey shore speciality. Have you ever eaten the salt in the bottom of a pretzel bag? Tayor Ham is saltier.When I eat it I blow up like a macy’s float. wiiiiiiiiii